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Holy cow was that last post long. Surprisingly, it only took me half of a trip to the bathroom to write it. I sometimes get rant-y on the throne.

This is my great-nephew, Zachariah. He’s homeless and A-B positive. He ate one of my cookies once.

This is my great-nephew, Zachariah. He’s homeless and A-B positive. He ate one of my cookies once.

Rantings of an emotion-less sociopath.

The world needs more people like me. Of this I am convinced. 

I know what you’re thinking. Holy crap is this guy arrogant and full of himself. Well, that’s not precisely true. What I am is an individual who is content with who he is, confident in what he is becoming and unwavering in my beliefs, convictions, opinions, and personality. Does that occasionally come across as arrogant? Sure. Is that what I intend? Sometimes. (I think it’s funny). Am I convinced that I am amazing? No. I’ve dealt with my fair share of self-pity/hatred/esteem issues. Am I saying I’ve made myself better than everybody who deals with those things? No. Do I ask to many questions about myself? Not a chance. And that’s why the world needs more people like me. People who think about what they say before they say it, especially when it’s so easy to stop and think before you post a pathetic, sob-story soliloquy on facebook or a text message or tumblr or telegram or whatever.

Am I ranting now? See, I asked myself a reasonable question. Yes, I am. Is it worth it? Perhaps. I doubt my total of no followers are going to care about this rant. Am I doing this as a release? Maybe. I’m not really the person who likes or needs emotional releases (I’m kind of hating this). What I am is someone who likes writing. I like making people think. I like making people laugh. I like putting things in perspective. I like helping people. If I can accomplish any one of these things with a tumblr/facebook/twitter post, I think it would probably be worth it. Even if it doesn’t, I’ve put my opinion/observation/completely made up story/whatever out there in case someone cares. Not that it matters if someone cares. I stopped caring about what people thought a long time ago. Of course you’re thinking, “oh, he’s in denial, of course he cares, everybody cares, he’s just trying to appear tough”. Sure. Whatever. Call it what you will, board-certified psychologists. Of course I probably feel something initially when something evokes an emotion in my life, and even occasionally stays in my brain for a bit of time. The difference is I neither dwell on these things nor let them affect me or my decisions, and essentially ignore them into a non-existance. Most of the time, at any rate. 

THAT BEING SAID- I fully realize that emotions play a very big role in every living (and maybe dead) person’s life, my own included. There is absolutely a place and time for emotions to play a role in decision making and snap judgement and a plethora of other everyday things. However, I believe they should do nothing more than that- play a role. If you base your decisions completely or even mostly on feelings, things often result in bad, even stupid decisions and a whole lot of hurt, not to mention the regret you inevitably face when the reality of these things hits you in the face. 

So, tell me, oh wise Allan, does that mean if I think through all of my decisions I won’t make bad or even stupid decisions and I won’t get hurt? No. But I like to believe it lessens the frequency of these things. You can argue against that, sure. You can also argue that even if I’m right, us thinkers are going to probably lead a more boring and reserved life than our overly-passionate-impulsive-and-all-around-silly counterparts. You may be right. You could argue that I’m generalizing, or stereotyping, or just being ignorant. You’re probably right. (I’m definitely generalizing, but then, who doesn’t? [please note the further generalization {and the fact that I tend to explain my jokes too much}]). I’m simply throwing out some observations I’ve taken in over the years. Opinions, if you will. Biased, ignorant, arrogant, largely unfounded, unpopular opinions. But then again, who doesn’t have those every now-and-again?

Sincerest whatevers,


P.S. Any future followers of mine, please be assured that my future posts will inevitably be more humorous and light-hearted (and perhaps occasionally controversial), because I hide behind a wall of humor and odd opinions. That is all.  From here on out it’s pretty much just crazy. I had a lucid moment so I wrote this. You’re welcome.